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Nat'l Museum of Civil War Medicine - National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Divided by conflict, united by compassion. Three museums, thousands of stories. Discover the incredible history and legacy of Civil War Medicine.
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Welcome to The Air Race Classic (Air Race Classic, Inc.)
The Air Race Classic is the epicenter of women's air racing. Check out this year's race, the route, and the excitement.
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Frederick Maryland Hospital
Frederick Regional Health System offers superior quality care for patients in Frederick and throughout Central Maryland! Making a difference for 100+ years.
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Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast: Buckeystown Maryland
Find comfort and charm at The Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast, a beautifully restored 1897 mansion, conveniently located in the heart of Buckeyestown, Maryland.
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Homegrown Frederick
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Restaurant Week
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Walkersville Southern Railroad
Walkersville Southern Railroad, Walkersville, MD, tourist railroad offers rail excursions, charters, special events and dinner trains.
    Agricultural Fairs in Maryland - The Great Frederick Fair
    The Great Frederick Fair is celebrating 155 years as one of the top agricultural fairs in Maryland. The fair features musical guests, farming expo, and more
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    Home - Official Tourism Website of Frederick County
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    Adventure Outdoors Magazine ®
    Join in the fun with Adventure Outdoors Magazine. From the Bayou to the Badlands – A Cross-Country Hunting Adventure The bayou offers some of the best hunting grounds around, including gator country. But the badlands provide wide open plains of antelope and elk. Which region will it be? Choose both! With the help of our advice in guide services and permitted hunts, you can travel across the entire country for one massive hunting trip. Don’t believe us? Check it out…
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    Weinberg Center for the Arts
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    Lilypons Water Gardens
    the source for water gardening since 1917
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    Frederick County MD - Official Website | Official Website
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    Home - Official Tourism Website of Frederick County
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    HOME - Maryland Endurance Challenge
    Maryland Endurance Challenge - 12-hour 6-hour 3-hour race. Points toward the UMCA ultra-distance Ultracup challenge ultracycling cup. Fun ride in Frederick
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